First Visit

If your tired of doctors having a foot out of the door before you even enter the room, you will be pleasantly surprised when you visit our facility for the first time.  Dr. Zuckerman prefers to review your health history before you even enter the office.  When you contact the office for an appointment you can speak to his front desk assistant and inform her about the doctors that you want us to receive information from in order to better help you.  Our patients are always saying that Dr. Zuckerman is the most thorough doctor that they have ever been to!

Throughout the course of your initial visit with Dr. Zuckerman, he will help you to understand the your condition in terms that you can relate to.  He will also explain if any additional tests are still needed to get a better grasp on your specific condition.  Dr. Zuckerman will evaluate you metabolically, structurally and neurologically.  In doing so, he will leave no stone left unturned to help manage the symptoms related to your condition!

At the completion of your first visit, Dr. Zuckerman will have all of the information he needs in order to determine if you qualify for care.