First Visit

Your First Visit to Our Boynton Beach Practice

chiro_Noninvasive_Surface_EMG.jpgAfter your escorted to our exam room, always expect to receive a top notch evaluation. We take pride in spending time to discuss your health problems and goals. Nothing is worse than a doctor that has one foot out of the door while he or she is talking to you. Our patients appreciate the time that we dedicate to them.

Once a thorough history and consultation is performed, we move on to the most advanced chiropractic evaluation possible. We use technology to our advantage.

You will see an easy-to-understand printout.

The first computerized test performed is the Insight Millenium Surface EMG. Professional athletes, such as Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O'Brien, are familiar with this technology.

Picture that your spine is the switchboard to your entire body, just like your house has a switchboard. The switchboard to your house tells you if the power is going to your bedroom, kitchen, family room, etc. Your spine also has a series of movable switches, called vertebra, which are even more important than the switches in your house. Your 24 spinal switches go to your heart, lungs, liver, digestive organs, sexual organs, and so on. How amazing would it be to read your switches to see if your power is on? The Insight Millenium does just that. A surface EMG is actually able to read your nerves through your musculature to see how well they're functioning. How important is that?

Posture shifts could indicate a potential problem in the spine.

Of course, your evaluation continues with a spinal palpation exam that looks for muscle imbalances, swelling and misaligned vertebra. Further orthopedic tests may also be performed. Based upon all of the above results, x-rays may taken.

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